How to Sell Products and Services with Mobile Apps: The Blueprint to Marketing on 5.4 Billion Mobile Devices

What if 1,000,000 or just 100,000 users downloaded your app instantly? How would this impact your business? You can look up to the stars and dream about it, or see personally how this is done and copy the same strategies.

Service benefits

Ever thought of creating a database of customers who shop with you? This was unthinkable just a few years back. Now you can!

Small & Medium Business Solutions

How to Sell Products and Services with Mobile Apps was written to educate small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals about the significance of having a mobile marketing strategy in place and also, to harness the power of Mobile apps in sales funnels. This book teaches SMBs how to leverage technology in a unique positive way. You’ll learn how to bond effectively with customers, and grow your reach exponentially for a mere fraction of what your current ad costs are.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a startup with a groundbreaking idea, you will have the resources, tools and insights used to make sales with Mobile apps, and maximizing your return on investment. You’ll be able to get key vital information about your market, run surveys, know what they want, what’s working, and get feedback to whatever your input is. You’ll be able to tweak your business for peaked performances, retain customers, increase customers’ lifetime value, manage your cash flow situation, and much more.

This information is the missing link businesses have emulated for eons to dial customers back inside their business that will thrust your business into the 21st century, to new heights and new frontiers you never imagined possible. Mobile apps are the biggest market disruptors that were ever invented in the retail space since Gutenberg and the printing press in 1438. Get the knowledge base you need to succeed on Mobile devices. Grab your copy today!

How to Sell Products and Services with Mobile Apps: The Blueprint to Marketing on 5.4 Billion Mobile Devices
Publisher: Ecommerce Maurice Victor
Author: Maurice Ufituwe
First Published: March 2013
Format: Amazon Kindle & Paperback
Page Count: 196 (Kindle), 248 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-3000508196
Price: $16.95+S&H
Available at Amazon

I run a business why do I need an app

There are 5.4 billion mobile devices on the planet - this is the 1st reason why businesses need a mobile app. Second, thanks to Mobile apps and Social Media the costs of communication and advertisement have significantly dropped. It costs almost nothing for businesses to advertise on mobile devices, and expand your reach thanks to Social Media.

How can a mobile app make me money for my business

A client who downloads your app on his Smartphone shows great interest in your business. Whenever you have a special offer, you can run an ad on TV, radio or in newspapers. You can also send a push notification that will go straight to his Smartphone. Out of these 4 advertising channels which one is likely to get his attention? You guessed it. This is how an app will make you more money for your business.

Businesses have a hard time getting new clients, can a mobile app help

Yes a mobile app can help. You can build a huge database of your clients with your app. This is very crucial for multiple reasons. You can manage this list and build a strong relationship with those clients. Because of this relationship that you have, you can ask them to do many things. You will make more sales with special offers, coupons, discount prices, special events, referrals and send surveys to drive more business in your business. You are in full control. Anytime you need more money and new sales, just send a push notification to your list and hours later you'll get a response.

Can a mobile app solve my dire cash flow situations

Yes it can. No more dire cash flow situations too, you can leave your worries behind you. When traffic goes down this has major ramifications for businesses with low customer turnouts. Mobile apps can turn this painful situation around. It takes just one push notification with one easy offer your clients can’t resist to transform a disastrous situation into a flood of plentiful monies.

How many app downloads do I need to make money for my business

This depends from business to business. Ideally you want clients who shop with you to download your app, and add them to your database. Second, if you want to expand your reach we encourage you to do so. The bigger you can grow your list, the more app downloads you will make, the bigger you will grow your revenue.

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