“How to Sell Products and Services with Mobile Apps: The Guide to Marketing on 5.4 Billion Mobile Devices”

Downloads. Installs. Sales.

What if 1,000,000 or say 100,000 users downloaded instantly your app? How many sales would you make? You can dream about it, or see personally how this is done and copy the same strategies.

“How to Sell Products and Services with Mobile Apps” was written in an effort to educate business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals about the significance of having a Mobile marketing strategy in place and to utilize the power of Mobile applications in sales funnels.

This book teaches local businesses how to leverage technology in a very unique positive way. You’ll learn how to bond effectively with customers, and grow your reach exponentially for a mere fraction of what your current ad costs are.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, or a startup with a revolutionary groundbreaking idea, you will have the resources, tools and methods used to make sales with Mobile apps, and maximizing your return on investment.

You’ll be able to get collect vital information about your market, know what’s working, what they want, and get a feedback whether you’re doing a great job or not. You’ll be able to tweak your business for peaked performances, retain customers, and increase customers lifetime value and much more.

This information is the missing link that will thrust your business into the 21st century, to new heights and new frontiers you never imagined possible. Mobile apps are the biggest market disruptors that were ever invented since Gutenberg and the printing press in 1438.

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(Available at Amazon.com, updated: November 2013, August 2016)

Publisher: Ecommerce Maurice Victor
Author: Maurice Ufituwe
First Published: March 2013
Format: Amazon Kindle & Paperback
Page Count: 196 (Kindle), 284 (Paperback)

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