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(Available at Amazon.com, updated: November 2013)

How much can you save on ad, market research and brand advertising, while you increase your ROI? The future is now! Learn how to sell products and services on millions of Smartphones today.

With well over 5.4 Billion cell phone users worldwide, what if 1,000,000 or 100,000 users downloaded your app instantly? How many sales could you generate at the speed of light with a simple SMS text messaging or push-notification?

How to Sell Products and Services with Mobile Apps shows local businesses how to tap in this huge market. This is the new bible for retailers, marketers, entrepreneurs and any savvy person interested in new mobile marketing opportunities to sell their products and services.

The book is an easy read, it is devised in three main sections that are very easy to understand and digest. It will walk you in the art of selling any product or service that you want on Smartphones and tablets.

Section 1 talks about the technology and how it’s reshaping the landscape of retail and advertising. Section 2 delves into the anatomy and functionalities of a mobile app for business. Section 3 is about app installs, sales and app store optimization.

How do you engage customers in the digital space? Do you resort to the old corporate methods with hard-hitting ads, or is there a more subtle way to engaging them on a deeper level?

“Engagement Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing” is one chapter among 16 that will teach you how to leverage technology and to bond effectively with customers, while growing your reach virally for pennies on the dollar.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, a business owner or a start-up, you will discover new profitable ideas you never thought of.

You will see potentials everywhere you never thought were around you. You will set your imagination on fire, it will literally start building connections as you uncover new methods of maximizing your ROI, retain customers and to scan the markets for more profitability.

You will learn how to tweak your sales funnel for peaked performances, to increase the lifetime value of your customers, and much more.

This missing link will thrust your business to new frontiers in the 21st century. With 5.4 Billion mobile devices around the world, this is the biggest market that ever was since Gutenberg and the printing press, some 600 years ago. This market is bigger than Google, Facebook, China, the EU or the US. Grab your copy today and get the knowledge base you need to succeed today!

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Publisher: Ecommerce Maurice Victor
Author: Maurice Ufituwe
First Published: March 2013
Format: Amazon Kindle & Paperback
Page Count: 196 (Kindle), 284 (Paperback)
Recommended readings: University of Hong Kong, Department of Mathematics and Information Technology,
URL: http://www.ied.edu.hk/geo/upload/files/1504080222.pdf



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