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There are 8 major obstacles to overcome when marketing your app in the Apple and Android Store: the competition, the short attention span of the user, the design, functionality, the app SEO & Ranking, the description, the price and reviews.

Depending on your needs, we offer the following packages to help you market your app:

•    “App SEO” for your app search engine rankings
•    “Social Blitz” for your app social media management
•    “Website & SEO” to showcase your app on the internet
•    “News Blitz” for your app review submissions and public announcements
•    “App Discovery” as a comprehensive marketing campaign for your app


The App SEO package is designed to improve your app ranking inside the Apple and Android store (Google Play). The success or failure of your app depends on the visibility and searchability in the app stores. With this package you will dramatically improve your App Store Optimization inside the app stores. The program also performs some app tweaks resulting in a much higher download rate.


Social Blitz
The Social Blitz package is designed to manage your app social media presence to increase the attention and awareness on social networking sites. Because of the
 viral nature of social networking sites, and third party recommendations you have the opportunity to expose your app to a much bigger audience.


Website & SEO
With this package we will create a website (for both desktop and mobile version) to sell your app. This website will display everything there is to know about your app: its features, usability, functionalities, etc. This is the perfect sales machine that is optimized for the search engines to help you with app installs online.


News Blitz
This package allows you to submit your app to major app review sites, app directories and press releases. We utilize these communication tools to get the public’s attention and to drive targeted traffic to your app and website.


App Discovery
Before the release of a new app on the market, it is essential to have a bullet proof marketing campaign in place to ensure its success on the market. This comprehensive package is designed to boost your app installs from the get-go. Far too often the lifespan and fate of a new app is compromised by many obstacles that preside over its failure or success. This package addresses these issues; it’s designed to root them out so that your new app can enjoy significantly higher downloads and a longer lifespan.


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